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Californians vote in recall election as polls show Newsom holding favor – live

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Californians vote in recall election as...

  • Data shows about 57% of voters oppose removing the governor
  • Freedom to Vote Act includes wide-ranging reforms in compromise
  • Senator threatens to subpoena defense secretary over Afghan pullout
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Californians cast their ballot in the recall election at a polling station in Beverly Hills.

Photograph: Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images


Regardless of whether Governor Gavin Newsom prevails in California’s gubernatorial recall election, the race will help his Republican challengers boost their name recognition and gain national prominence, political experts said.

Case in point: “I have now become a political force here in California,” said rightwing radio host and Republican frontrunner in the recall Larry Elder, on KMJ Now radio. “I’m not going to leave the stage.”

Moira Donegan writes:

She told him a condom was “non-negotiable,” and that if he would rather not use one, she would leave. The young woman, identified as “Sara” in a 2017 study, describes the encounter, saying, “I set a boundary. I was very explicit.” Yet she then discovered that her partner, a man she’d been seeing for a couple of weeks, had secretly removed the condom during sex.

“I ended up talking to him about it later,” Sara told the study’s author, the feminist civil rights attorney Alexandra Brodsky. “He told me, ‘Don’t worry about it, trust me.’ That stuck with me, because he’d literally proven himself to be unworthy of my trust.”

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