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Obama compares segregationist Jim Crow America to Trump’s America – live

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Obama compares segregationist Jim Crow...

  • Obama: ‘John Lewis will be a founding father of a fairer, better America’
  • Trump calls for election delay, claiming mail-in votes will bring fraud
  • Former presidential candidate Herman Cain dies from Covid-19
  • Economy suffers worst quarter since second world war
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Trump opened the press conference with a note of condolence for Herman Cain, a former presidential candidate and “dear friend,” as well as for the 150,000 other Americans who have now died from coronavirus.

This is Lois Beckett in our California office taking over tonight’s live politics coverage.

Donald Trump is expected to speak shortly at a news conference at 5.30 EST.

Obama calls for making election day a federal holiday, restoring voting rights to the formerly incarcerated, automatic voter registration, and the full enfranchisement of citizens of DC and Puerto Rico — and says all must be done even if it means ditching the filibuster

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