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Spaceship-like home comes with late-night talk show appearance

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Spaceship-like home comes with late-night...

Photo credit: Everett Lee-Sung.

Reminiscent of ocean floor shelves — or possibly a spaceship — the Mystic Manor is a snake-shaped, black, metallic home in Venice, Calif.

The five-bedroom, five-bathroom retreat center is the site of week-long consciousness-inspired retreats with access to sound healings, yoga and chef-prepared vegan meals — plus, an appearance and producer credit on a late-night, online-only variety talk show called Optimystic.

The studio seats a live audience of 30 and has 3 cameras. Photo credit: Everett Lee-Sung.

“This is really my highest excitement. I love entrepreneurial ventures and money making moves, but nothing excites me like sharing my perspectives on the ultimate nature of reality and helping people to shift their perspectives to create more magic in their lives,” said Brandon Beachum, the retreat and talk show host, who has co-founded several hospitality companies, including HelloVacay, an Irvine, Calif.-based investor platform. 

Optimystic, which launches March 15, features spiritual speakers, live musical performances and panels of guests staying at the manor. The talk show is the extension of a long-running popular podcast called Positive Head Podcast. Since 2015, Beachum has produced five shows a week and accrued a large following, at one time hitting No. 2 on the iTunes “Spirituality” section. 

Photo credit: Everett Lee-Sung.

Fans often asked him to host retreats, according to Beachum, so when he decided to break into video production, he realized a retreat center could serve his followers and finance the new venture. The retreat program launched in July 2019, hosting three to six guests at a time. It starts at $150 a night on Airbnb

A psychedelic space for rent

Beachum, who rents the manor for an undisclosed amount from an anonymous owner, found the 6,000-square-foot home on Craigslist. Close to Los Angeles International Airport and large enough to host retreats, the property was perfect for his vision, he said. 

The anonymous owner purchased the 10,000-square-foot property for $2.2 million in 2015 and partnered with architect Mario Roman, who also designed a twin, white version of the property next door, to complete the manor in 2016. The property is now assessed at $4.8 million, according to public tax records. 

Photo credit: Everett Lee-Sung.

Inside the Mystic Manor are Persian rugs, dream catchers from Bali, and stacked padding (like in a meditation room) as furniture. The kitchen has a large painting of a woman with a rainbow face, painted by local artist Maria De La Luz Sandoval

“The house is a gallery with visionary, psychedelic-inspired art,” said Beachum, who said an “epic sacred geometric painting” by local artist Emma Benitez is one of his favorites.

Photo credit: Everett Lee-Sung.

Up the spiral staircase, guarded by statues of praying children, there are five circular bedrooms with Himilayan salt lamps and signs saying “You are something magical.” Even the bathrooms are noteworthy. Guests “always trip out on” the master bathroom, said Beachum, joking that “It’s where I steer the spaceship from.” 

“I love how there are a lot of circular rooms. I am standing on my balcony right now, which is a half moon, and under this is the [TV] studio, which is perfect as a circular room. A flat wall would be a way different vibe,” said Beachum. The studio seats an audience of 30 and is equipped with three cameras.

Photo credit: Everett Lee-Sung.

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Spaceship-like home comes with late-night talk show appearanceReminiscent of ocean floor shelves — or possibly a spaceship — the Mystic Manor is a snake-shaped, black, metallic home in Venice, Calif.


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