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‘Pensioners to pay for NHS prescriptions’ – three myths that need busting NOW

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‘Pensioners to pay for NHS...

Ministers have said they will make a decision “in due course”. There is speculation that the changes will come into force from April 1, which is the date NHS prescription charges usually increase.

Prescription charges are also likely to rise from today’s £9.35 on that date. As yet, though, we don’t know for sure. It’s carry on as usual, for now.

MYTH TWO. Pensioners will have to pay.

Many worried pensioners have posted comments which suggest the proposals will hit them.

They are understandably anxious but don’t have to be. Even if the plans go through, NHS prescriptions will continue to be free to those claiming the State Pension, which these days means from age 66.

Those aged between 60 and 65 may be affected. But not all of them.

MYTH THREE. Everyone under 66 will pay.

Again, this is a misunderstanding. Plenty of people aged between 60 and 65 will continue to get their prescriptions for free even if the changes do come into force.


GOVERNMENT plans to charge the over 60s for NHS prescriptions have spread panic, fear and confusion among many who wonder if they will have to start paying for their medicine as a result.


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