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Australia Covid updates live: NSW due to hit single dose target; Singapore Airlines cancelling dozens of international flights

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Australia Covid updates live: NSW due to hit...

Wednesday: NSW is on track to hit its 80% single dose vaccinations today, while Victoria is heading towards 70% by the end of the week – follow updates live

  • Airlines warn NSW may reopen to international travel but with few planes to service huge demand
  • Aged care workforce under strain amid international bordure closure, provider warns
  • Economy survived Covid better than most but recovery could slow, OECD says
  • Restrictions: NSW; Vic; borders
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Wednesday: NSW is on track to hit its 80% single dose vaccinations today, while Victoria is heading towards 70% by the end of the week – follow updates live

Schubert was asked what it would take for some of those Singapore airline flights to come back online before December.

I wouldn’t rule it out. I think that the way that that would happen would be for the government to provide absolute clarity to airlines as to exactly what the working parameters of Australia’s open border looks like. Because that is the clarity that we need.

What we don’t know at the moment is how they are going to treat people who have been vaccinated overseas, as opposed to in Australia. What vaccines, they’re going to accept, and also how are they going to verify those and what the responsibility or the expectation is upon the airlines, in terms of being able to verify those customers who are fit to travel.

Singapore Airlines spokesman Karl Schubert is outlining the challenges of working with Australia’s strict international arrival caps.

He was asked how many passengers on average were allowed per flight.

It varies between destinations in Australia, but I think if you were to take the number of 12 up to 25 that is the variance that we have on particular flights and that will vary per day.

Some days have been zeroed out by the government so on some days we’ve been told we just don’t have a cap allocation for you. You can’t carry passengers in and on those days, those days and unfortunately, we do have to obviously cancel our flights and we’ll do everything we can to really accommodate those passengers but as you can imagine, there is limited availability due to the already substantial backlog of people trying to get back into Australia

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